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A Selection of Our Published Valuation Works

We have had the honor of lecturing at the ESOP Association’s Las Vegas Technical Conference for eight of the last ten years. Copies of the slides and lecture notes can be found below.

  • ESOP Lecture 2012: Beginning Valuation  slides notes
  • ESOP Lecture 2012 (Mid-Atlantic): The Valuation Effects of Excess Cash notes
  • ESOP Lecture 2011: Advanced Valuation Topics-Warrant Financing slides
  • ESOP Lecture 2009: Beginning Valuation slides notes
  • ESOP Lecture 2008: Beginning Valuation slides notes
  • ESOP Lecture 2007: Advanced Valuation Issues slides notes
  • ESOP Lecture 2006: The Valuation Effects of Excess Cash slides notes
  • ESOP Lecture 2004: Equity-based Compensation For S Corporations slides
  • ESOP Lecture 2003: Troubled ESOPs slides notes
  • ESOP Lecture 2002: Valuation Issues-Dealing With Declining Share Values notes
  • ESOP Lecture 2001: Valuation Issues-Executive Compensation In An ESOP Company notes
  • Lecture to the Virginia Bar: On Value notes

A selection of the many articles that we have published is listed below.

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