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Buy/Sell Agreements

Valuation Services for Agreements Between the Co-owners of a Business Enterprise

The buy/sell agreement is an agreement between the co-owners of a business enterprise related to the disposition of closely-held business interests in the event that one or more of the co-owners dies, becomes disabled or otherwise wishes to dispose of his or her interests. Without a good buy/sell agreement, a business interest can be devastated by the effects of succession. Meticulous planning and the careful structure of a buy/sell agreement are an absolute must for any business enterprise that has more than one owner. Our services in this area include:

  • A valuation of the business enterprise for planning purposes.
  • Providing the co-owners and appropriate advisors, including the corporate attorney, with valuation advice as to how to structure the buy/sell agreement in order to be certain that all valuation issues are fairly addressed.
  • Providing the co-owners and/or the business entity with updated valuations to assure that any transactions of business entity interests are transacted at a price which is fair to all of the parties to the agreement.

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