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Our Valuation Reports

Complete. Comprehensive. Defensible.

Our Valuation reports set new standards for quality and defensibility.  In order to serve its purpose, a report must be legally defensible and provide regulatory justification.  Our reports meet or exceed all requirements, and are regularly revised to incorporate new standards and best practices.  Features of our reports include:

  • Economic Analysis. We provide an extensive analysis of the national economy and its specific effects on the operations of the company being valued.  Where applicable, we also analyze regional and global economic factors.
  • Industry analysis. We discuss in-depth the trends and the outlook for the industry in which the company operates.
  • Extensive annotations. In order to be defensible, a valuation report must provide legal and regulatory justification.  Every source of information utilized for the economic and industry analyses is included, in addition to the databases, articles, and websites where the data was found.  This is extremely significant, since these references lend credibility to the opinions that are rendered about the valuation, the industry and the economy in general, thereby enhancing its acceptance both by regulators and by the courts.
  • A description of all materials used in the valuation analysis.
  • A discussion of the structure of the ownership of the business.
  • A comprehensive discussion and analysis of the company’s background, its general operations, its marketing activities, contract backlog, and its organization of management and other employees.
  • A full financial analysis of the company’s financial results, financial position, and projections.
  • A complete valuation analysis which addresses all three valuation approaches.
  • For ESOP valuations, we include a separate section which discusses the change in value and financial metrics from the last valuation that was completed.

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