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Estate and Gift Taxes

Estate and Gift Tax Valuations and Estate Planning

When dealing with federal and state tax authorities, it is an essential part of your estate and gift tax preparations to be able to provide a legally defensible value.  Our comprehensive valuation reports place a priority on accuracy and legal supportability.

Federal estate and gift taxes can be assessed against certain types of gifts and estates. If there is a gift of a non-publicly-traded business interest that would (or might) be subject to federal gift taxes, it is necessary to estimate the value of such an interest as of the date of the gift. If a non-publicly-traded business interest is owned in an estate that might be subject to federal or state succession taxes, then a valuation of such an interest is required. It is also possible that the state where an estate is situated requires an inventory of the assets. This inventory may include an estimate of the value of the items owned by the estate. Some of the services that we provide in the estate and gift tax field are:

  • Valuations of closely-held business interests, including:
    • Common stock (voting and non-voting)
    • Preferred stock
    • Debt instruments
    • Options to purchase business interests
    • Tenant-in-common interests in real and personal property
    • Interests in intangible property such as patents, trademarks, etc.
  • Valuations of interests in family limited partnerships and limited liability companies (FLiPs)¬†that hold real estate and/or securities or other investments.
  • Estate planning services. We will assist your financial planner, attorney, accountant and/or other members of your estate planning team during the planning process by adding the valuation dimension to this procedure. This includes advice as to how to minimize the value of business interests for federal estate and gift taxes.
  • Estate freeze valuations. This involves valuing a preferred interest in the business against a residual equity interest.

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